Feel Like You're Carrying the Weight of the World
on Your Shoulders?

You're not alone - connect with other overwhelmed women in an upcoming workshop

The kids need a ride to school, soccer practice and wherever they're hanging out with friends. Your employer is putting more and more projects on your plate, whether or not you can handle them. Meanwhile, you're trying to manage the symptoms of a chronic health condition. No wonder you're feeling so stressed out. Feel free to vent your frustrations at a workshop hosted by Discover Ultimate Health LLC.

My workshops are a safe space for women over 40 to...

Talk about their physical and mental health
Swap healthy recipes and recommend exercise routines
Support each other on their journeys to physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health

Call 919-429-0835 now to learn about upcoming workshops in the greater Raleigh, NC area.

Mind. Body. Soul.

I focus on holistic wellness, helping clients improve their mental, physical and spiritual health through...

  • Group coaching
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Remote coaching via Zoom

Although I won't force you to show up and interact, you should make our sessions a priority for your benefit. You'll be glad you held yourself accountable when you're living life to the fullest.