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Phyllis M. Weaver Is An Entrepreneur And Mother Of Two Miracle Sons. She Graduated From The University Of Virginia With A Bachelor Of Arts In Psychology, Earned A Master Of Arts In Biology From Hampton University, And Then Attended The Medical College Virginia School Of Pharmacy In 1988 And Became A Registered Pharmacist. After Over 30 Years Of Pharmacy Practice, Phyllis Earned A Certification In Mastery Transformational Health And Life Coaching, Leading To Discover Ultimate Health LLC.

She is now a published author of “Reverse Diabetes Now, The Proven 365-Day Technique”, an Amazon Bestseller as a co-author of “Undefeated. Women Sharing Their Secrets of Winning” and an expert contributing magazine writer. She also has a product line called “Oh, Wow, Wellness Creations, by Phyllis.” In addition, she has a virtual talk show called “Let’s Talk Health With Phyllis.” She has been an honored guest on podcasts, talk shows, and webinars. In addition, she is an advocate against abuse and domestic violence. Music, art, and fitness are some of her passions.

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