Let's Discover the Root Cause of Your Condition -

We can then come up with a plan to improve your physical and mental health

Genetics certainly plays a part in the development of chronic health conditions, but it's likely not the sole cause. We can work together to figure out contributing factors and ways to improve your quality of life.

I'm Phyllis Weaver, the founder of Discover Ultimate Health LLC and the dedicated life coach you've been searching for in the greater Raleigh, NC area. After developing chronic health conditions a few years back, I made it my life's mission to...

Discover a way to reverse the effects of the diseases I have
Help other women over 40 improve their overall well-being
Make a positive impact on everyone I meet in person and interact with online

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Be prepared to answer some deep, thought-provoking questions

Life coaching is a two-way street. I'll share tips for making healthy daily choices, but in return you'll have to help me step into your shoes. I'm not here to judge you - I'm here to help you.

No need to take notes during our sessions. I'll share the results of your health assessment and other documentation with you.

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